Direct to Dealer Application

Thank you for your interest in our Shotgun Shock Direct To Dealer Program. Below are policies and requirements to participate in this program. We look forward to working with you.

Dealerships and Shop Requirements

Applicants must be an actual dealership or shop to qualify for the Direct to Dealer Program. Applicants must provide pictures of the following documents:

  • Valid state issued Re-Sellers Tax Permit. 

  • Valid state issued Business License. 

  • Valid state issued ID. 

  • Address of your dealership or shop.

Minimum Order and Dealer Pricing 

This information will be communicated once your application is approved.  

Dealer Payments 

  • Orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering. 

  • We do our best to keep Shotgun Shock Kits in stock at all times. 

  • There can be a 3-6 week lead time on back ordered items. 

Retail Pricing 

Dealers may not sell Shotgun Shock Kits for less than $XXXXX. Dealers have the discretion to increase the retail sale price of Shotgun Shock to any dollar amount over $XXXXX. 

Online Sales 

This Direct To Dealer Program is intended for local in person sales only. Dealers may not sell Shotgun Shock Kits online. Shotgun Shock maintains the exclusive rights to sell Shotgun Shock Kits online.

Online Promoting 

Dealers may promote their business online and on social media as an authorized Shotgun Shock Kit Dealer, but may not sell Shotgun Shock Kits online. Shotgun Shock maintains the exclusive rights to sell Shotgun Shock Kits online. 


Dealers are responsible for the shipping cost associated with shipping their orders. This shipping cost is in addition to the purchase price.