What Are People Saying About Shotgun Shock?

I'm not one to reach back out to a vendor after a purchase unless there's a problem, but I feel compelled.  I own a 2017 HD Street Glide that,  with the stock suspension, left quite a bit to be desired.  I've had multiple back surgeries, and currently have an artificial disc composed of metal and plastic composites in my low back (pic included). To say that my riding was limited by the pain that was elicited every time I caught some rough road is an understatement.  Your product has changed my life and allowed me to get back to enjoying long weekend rides with my wife.  The amazing customer service I received, and the  "cool factor" of being able to slam my bike in the parking lot is just a huge plus.  I just want to say thank you.  Please keep doing what you're doing. 
One Happy Customer.

Easy install, easy to adjust for solo riding or 2 up. And looks great sitting low! 👍


Great product and awesome people!

#1 Air Ride !
Awesome Air Ride and great customer service!
Hands down the best money I have ever spent on a bike. after I left the install I was looking for pot holes to hit just to feel it glide over them. Now when I ride 2 up I still have great suspension. 
The shocks and the people are simply amazing!!!